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) I came up with 25 date ideas that don’t simply involve a restaurant, movie ticket, or bar tab.

Walk your dogs at the park or, if you don’t have dogs, watch the dogs at the dog park and discuss which ones you want to take home. Volunteer — plant flowers with the Parks Dept., donate blood, or paint a school.

Anime is imaginative and versatile, plus some of the English translations are totally worth laughing at together.

Lecture series: The intellectual’s version of a movie date.

Or, looked at another way, THE PERFECT FIRST DATE MOVIE.

Discuss the accuracy — or lack thereof — as a starting point for getting to know each other.

Whether you’re married or playing the dating game, figuring out what to do can be a persistent nuisance — especially after you’ve done “dinner and a movie” for a few rounds.

Another layer of difficulty can appear when your date is an introvert.

For example, a unique date in New Hampshire might include spending the afternoon ascending Mount Monadnock, the second most climbed mountain in the world.

People in the flat state of Oklahoma, on the other hand, can attend the monthly Exchange on Film Row event in Oklahoma City.

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Go somewhere with interesting scenery and sketch — then ask strangers to vote on whose drawing is better.